These reusable beeswax wraps can be used in place of plastic wraps/bags. We use all natural ingredients and resouces to make these wraps. They are made with 100% cotton, all natural beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine resin.


-These wraps are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, cookies, fruit, vegetables, cheese, and more.

-Not recommended for raw meat or fish. Onions can cause lasting odor.

-Keep away from hot surfaces. Store in cool location away from heat and sunlight.

-Use mild soap and rinse with cold water, hand/air dry.

-Press firmly to allow wrap to adhere to self or be folded into snack bags.

-Will lose tackiness with use, can recoat with beeswax or secured with twine. 


*Comes in compostable (plant based) packaging .

*Note that wraps can leave residue on dishes/containers but can easuly be cleaned with warm soapy water. Can also have sweet natural scent at first but will fade with usage. 



** Due to the difficulty in handmaking these wraps, there is a limited supply


Beeswax Wrap Large

  • Large 13 inches x 13 inches