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wElCMe to wInGFIEld HOnEY Cmpany

Quality Nevada County, California & Montana Honey

Raising Queens


Early Spring -Summer

Rearing queens starts with grafting eggs, which will become queen cells, that will later become our queens. We raise queens every year and use them in our operation. We choose based off survival of varroa mites, cleanliness, brood pattern, population, color, and overall strength of the hive. 

Swarm Control


Spring-Early Summer

Swarm season can be a little chaotic. Just when you think you understand the bees and their behavior, they swarm. Its a busy time of year where the queen runs out of space in the hive, due to population and space, and decides to leave in search of a new home--leaving the hive with half the population and a virgin queen.

Nevada County Honey



California wildflower honey is based out of the foothills of Nevada County. Due to dry weather conditions, honey flow can be extremely short. Therefore, honey production varies from year to year.

Montana Honey



Montana honey consists of mostly alfalfa and sweet clover and is based out of Rosebud County. Like California, the honey flow is weather permitting and depends on the availability of resources. However, it does tend to be longer than that of California. 


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