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Wingfield Honey Co.

A Little History

Beekeeping and queen rearing was a large part of my upbringing. I fondly remember catching queens with my brother and parents in the Sutter Buttes. These bee yards were often our playgrounds, all the meanwhile helping our parents. Helping out often meant dipping wax cell cups and then dipping our hands and other articles in the hot wax, too!

learning from the best

It has been a huge privilege to learn and work alongside my dad, Bill Wingfield. His deep appreciation for bees and beekeeping has made him the best mentor.


Beekeeping is ever challenging and ever changing. It requires hard work and being open to trying something new!

Head Beekeeper

spenceR WingfIElD


The wax, honey, and pollen that the bees produce has been so inspiring in so many ways! I try and incorporate these natural resources in each of our products. 

Head of Products

MicheLLe WingFIElD


I am here to look cute and chase the bees! 

Head Mascot



We're here to judge. 

More of our team!

eLLie & ReVy


Lastly, Mallory was found in a blackberry bush in a bee yard Spring 2017. When we found her, she had barely opened her eyes and already owning her battle wound--her crooked tail. Thats why we call her "Lightening Bolt," she's got so much personality!

Head of Bee box R & D


We purchased Bourbon Hill Bees in early 2018 and have since merged in to one business, Wingfield Honey Company.

Previous owners, Brion and Alice Dunbar, have been wonderful in helping us reach out to the community and remain a big part of the Nevada County, California. 

amanda lenz 

lenz illustration