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Nevada County Honey

2019 Nevada County Honey Crop Information- The 2019 season was a good honey season for us. We collected an early harvest crop when we pulled honey at the end of June. The intent was to try and get a more monofloral honey comprised of blackberry nectar. However, after the pollen testing results came back, we quickly realized that our aspirations of getting a monofloral honey were out the door. (the results of this pollen analysis can be found in our FAQ page). There are just too many varieties of flowering plants in Nevada County. This is a great fact, the health and well-being of our bees depends on a nice variety of pollens and nectar. It just means that we cannot label our early honey crop, a "Blackberry" varietal. So instead we call this our "Early Harvest".

Our second honey pull, in late Auguest, yielded a more typical honey, with the dark notes that is typical of honey in Nevada County. Some say this darkness comes from the addition of honeydew from the aphids. If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, please do some researching as it is pretty interesting. 

Please take the time to get to know your beekeeper and their beekeeping practices, prior to buying honey. There are never a shortage of people that are willing to buy "honey" from other beekeepers, and package it as their own. The problem is that you do not really know where this product is coming from, nor if that beekeeper fed sugar syrup to their bees, nor what hive treatments they might have used that may transfer over into the "honey" that you will be consuming.

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